The one-stop shop for transmission repair in Geelong

You can always count on Fluidrive Geelong for all your automatic transmission repair, service and overhaul needs. Servicing in Geelong we operate under the Fluidrive banner, one of Australia's most experienced and successful transmission repair and service specialists.

How we started

Fluidrive was built on the vision of founder Joe Shneider, who as far back as the 1950s recognised the increasing popularity of automatic transmissions. He was among the very first in Australia to undertake specialised training in automatic transmission repair and service and in 1963 opened the first Fluidrive service centre on Victoria St in Richmond. Since then we have expanded nationwide, from Geelong to Albury.

Our secret to success

Always putting the customer first, we believe that providing quality, honest service at a reasonable price will keep people coming back. Today over 50% of our retail business comes from referrals. As automatic transmissions become increasingly more complex we make a point of keeping up-to-date with the latest technical developments, training our people accordingly. We are known and respected for this commitment among the automotive industry's senior representative bodies. In fact, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce has accepted Fluidrive as an accredited specialist.

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Research and development

We have an outstanding reputation for fair dealing and constantly update our business methods to make sure we stay ahead. Our staff regularly attends important conferences and events to keep abreast of new technology and management techniques. Utilising online platforms we are able to source up-to-the-minute technical information from our contacts around the world to ensure we accurately diagnose and fix your transmission as quickly as possible.

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As automatic transmissions become more sophisticated we are proud to be the recognised specialist for transmission repair and service when you need us, whether you’re in Geelong or Bendigo. We employ rigorous quality standards to assure the reliability of complex transmission systems. In 1994 we established a dedicated transmission rebuild centre to ensure all our service centres have access to a supply of quality transmissions built to and exceeding Australian Standards (AS3564.1-1988 and AS3564.3-1990). The rebuild centre also collates the latest technical information, upgrades, specifications and fixes, in addition to being responsible for staff technical training.

Rebuild, overhaul policy

We promise to only use quality parts and oils in the rebuilding and overhaul process of automatic transmissions. We rebuild all transmissions to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS3564.1-1988 and AS3564.3-1990. Please read our FAQ page for more information.

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